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Finding a post

Available posts

After you have received yout Swedish medical license, you can apply for employment as a doctor by replying to job advertisements, using your contacts, or by contacting the employer yourself. Advertisements for vacant positions are mainly found in

If you want to get experience of Swedish healthcare system before you have received your Swedish medical license, you can work as a nurse’s assistant (undersköterska) or doctor’s assistant (läkarassistent).

Application process

When you find a job that interests you, it is always a good idea to contact the employer before submitting your application. This will give you a chance to acquire important information about the post you want to apply for, and help you to gain an impression of the workplace. It will also give you a personal contact with the person responsible for recruitment.

In general, an application consists of a personal letter and a CV. The letter allows you to introduce yourself and to say what you have done before and why you want this particular job. You should base the letter on what the advert asks for, and preferably make it no longer than one page.

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