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Swedish Medical Association

Swedish Medical Association

The Swedish Medical Association is the trade union and professional organisation for doctors. We provide support to physicians throughout their career, from the first day in medical school to retirement.

The Swedish Medical Association was founded in 1903. We have 55 000 members representing over 80 % of the Swedish doctors. As a trade union, The Swedish Medical Association enters into collective agreements on behalf of its members in general employment conditions, which include salaries, working hours, holidays, sick and parental leave and pensions. You can read more about this in ”Contracts and working conditions”.

The Swedish Medical Association has also a key role to play in the development of healthcare in Sweden where we provide the viewpoint of physicians by monitoring and influencing policy makers in several dossiers:

  • Quality of care
  • Patient safety
  • Medical Education and Continuous Professional Development
  • Research
  • Management & leadership
  • Medical Ethics

Membership of the SMA entitles you to:

  • Advice and support in matters relating to your salary, contract, general working conditions, insurance and pensions as well as support on how to get your Swedish medical license and specialist certificate
  • Legal assistance on disciplinary matters, such as negligence claims or probation
  • Our weekly medical journal ”Läkartidningen”
  • Holiday homes for rent

We have discounted membership for doctors educated outside Sweden while they are on the process of obtaining Swedish medical license. As a member of the SMA, you will be registered at a local association in the area where you are working. You can also belong to a professional association, which is a national society for members with the same professional position, e.g. general practioners, hospital physicians, military surgeons, private practitioners or chief medical physicians. Be fore becoming a specialist, you will belong to the Swedish Junior Hospital Doctors’ Association (SYLF), which organises doctors who are completing their internship and specialist training (residency).

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