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ISPRM/ESPRM 2022 i Lissabon

ISPRM/ESPRM 2022 i Lissabon


The 2022 ISPRM/ESPRM/Portuguese PRM Society (SPMFR) congress is arriving! The congress will be held from 3-7 July, at Centro de Congressos de Lisboa (Lisbon, Portugal), and we are counting on your presence.

We are now only 2 months away from this event that we think (and hope) will be the biggest PRM event in the World and the best ever! Over 1500 abstracts have been accepted and we are expecting participants from 63 countries.

Indeed, a World congress, an European congress and a National congress together for the first time is not only a moment of scientific and clinical knowledge sharing, but also a time for union and friendship.

The congress scientific program is already available on the congress website. Moreover, the congress will include several social activities, posing as an exceptional network moment. Also, more activities will be shared soon through our ISPRM 2022 website!

We feel confident that we will organize an outstanding and unforgettable scientific, academic, networking and social event, respecting the ISPRM/ESPRM/SPMFR standards to facilitate the spread and exchange of knowledge, skills and attitudes between experts, researchers, clinicians and trainees, aiming to continue developing of PRM.

In order to enhance the divulgation of this event, especially for the PRM residents, we will be sharing constant information in our networks:
Instagram®️ - @isprm2022_residents & @isprm2022
Blog: https://isprm2022residents.wordpress.com

We kindly ask you to spread this news with residents and specialists from your country.

If possible, we would also like to ask you for PRM resident's contacts in your country (ideally, also national or regional resident representatives), in order to increase the proximity between our SPMFR residents section and other worldwide residents.

SPMFR and the Congress Organizing Committee invite you to participate in this big event. We hope that you feel warmly welcomed in Portugal and by the Portuguese. Enjoy Lisbon and the surroundings, and feel at home.

Kind regards,

See you in July!

Ana Vaz
PRM Resident at Centro Hospitalar Universitário de São João, Porto, Portugal
National Coordinator of the Residents Section of the Portuguese Society of PRM

Catarina Aguiar Branco
President of the Portuguese Society of PRM
Organizing Committee ISPRM/ESPRM/SPMFR 2022

Jorge Lains
President ISPRM/ESPRM/SPMFR 2022

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