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Swedish Medical Women’s Association (KLF) was founded 1916 by Karolina Widerström. Karolina was the first female doctor in Sweden and graduated in 1888.

She was very engaged and involved in questions concerning social justice and women’s rights – at a time when women’s right to equal salary, to work and to vote was disputed.

Swedish Medical Women’s Association has about 1700 members and is one of the biggest societies within the Swedish Medical Association. KLF is open for female doctors and medical students.

The medical profession has traditionally been male-dominated for centuries. However, today almost half of the doctors in Sweden are women. There have been many changes to the medical profession and the curriculum of medical schools. Despite the many changes there is still a lot to be done regarding gender equality. Leading positions are still male-dominated. Male doctors still earn more than female doctors. The number of sick-leave is higher amongst female doctors, and 25 percent of the female junior doctors feel discriminated because of their gender.

Our aim is to change the discriminatory attitudes towards women. We offer personal and professional support to female doctors. We arrange seminars and courses to medical students in areas concerning gender equality. All members receive our magazine Karolina that is published four times a year.

Contact: info@kvinnligalakare.se

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