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Avhandlingar inom plastikkirurgi

Förteckningen 1946-1997 omfattar avhandlingar skrivna av svenska plastikkirurger (källa: Pontén, Bengt, 1997. Jubileumskrönika). Från och med 1998 omfattar förteckningen avhandlingar med disputationsämne plastikkirurgi (källa: klinikerna). Många nyare avhandligar finns i fulltext via www.libris.kb.se

Tallroth, Linda. 2023. DIEP flap and expander prosthesis in breast reconstruction. Lunds universitet

Karlsson, Tobias. 2023. Liposuction of arm and leg lymphedema. Tissue composition alterations and treatment outcomes. Lunds universitet

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Amoroso, Matteo. 2021. Microcirculation in tissue repair : from microsurgery to 3D bioprinting. Göteborgs universitet

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Paganini, Anna. 2020. A gender perspective on appearance-related concerns and its manifestations among persons born with unilateral cleft lip and palate. Högskolan Kristianstad

Zötterman, Johan. 2020. Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging in Reconstructive Surgery. Linköpings universitet

Karlsson, Matilda. 2019. Studying the healing and long-term outcomes of two partial thickness wound models using different wound dressings. Linköpings universitet

Stiernman, Mia. 2019. Parental and health care professional views on psychosocial and education and outcomes in patients with cleft lip and/or palate. Lunds universitet

Hallberg, Håkan. 2019. Mesh-based immediate breast reconstruction: complications, and long-term results. Göteborgs universitet

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Pompermaier, Laura. 2017. Outcome of burn care: the mortality perspective. Linköpings universitet

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Staalesen, Trude. 2014. Assessment of excess skin and outcome of body contouring surgery in post bariatric patients. Göteborgs universitet

Emanuelsson, Peter. 2014. Alternatives in the treatment of abdominal rectus muscle diastasis - an evaluation. Karolinska institutet

Maltese, Giovanni. 2013. Evaluation of surgical outcomes in craniosynostosis: quantitative assessments in metopic and unicoronal synostosis. Göteborgs universitet

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Farnebo, Simon, 2010. On microvascular blood flow assessment with the new microdialysis urea clearance technique. Linköpings universitet

Halle, Martin. 2010 Vascular inflammation- implications for microvascular reconstructive surgery after irradiation. Karolinska institutet

Farzaneh Collander, Farokh. 2009. Cleft lip and palate: clinical studies regarding speech and facial growth. Lunds universitet

Gahm, Jessica. 2009. Bilateral prophylactic mastectomy and immediate breast reconstruction with implants. Karolinska institutet

Olofsson, Pia. 2008. Experimental studies on Damage Control Surgery and Intraabdominal Hypertension. Linköpings universitet

Persson, Martin. 2007. Cleft lip and palate in adolescence: identifying variables relating to psychosocial concerns. Lunds universitet

Lagergren, Jakob. 2007. Immediate breast reconstruction with implants in breast cancer patients – aspects of surgical technique, quality of life and sensibility. Karolinska institutet

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Olenius, Michael. 1995. The expanded skin in breast reconstruction: an experimental and clinical study. Karolinska institutet

Sahlin, Pelle. 1994. Molecular genetic analysis of chromosome translocation breakpoints in pleomorphic adenomas. Göteborgs universitet

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Marie Wickman. 1992. Tissue expansion: aspects of expansion time, capsular contraction, and physiological events. Karolinska institutet

Zdolsek, Johann. 1992. Effects of reactive oxygen species on the cellular vacuolar apparatus. Linköpings universitet

Segerström, Knut. 1991. The swollen arm: a study of patients treated for breast cancer. Umeå universitet

Salemark, Lars. 1991. Antithrombotic therapy in microvascular surgery. Lunds universitet

Svedman, Christer. 1991. Sampling from a suction induced mini-erosion in human skin: methodological studies. Lunds universitet

Blomquist, Gunnar. 1990. Lodgement of tumour cells: experimental studies on some factors influencing the survival of tumour cells after arrest in the microvasculature. Göteborgs universitet

Banic, Andrej. 1990. Assessment and improvement of the microcirculation in arterial skin flaps : the use of laser Doppler flowmetry and radionuclide methodology for the evaluation and ridogrel or forskolin for the improvement of the microcirculation in arterial skin flaps. Linköpings universitet

Jakobsson, Olafur. 1990. Repair of isolated cleft palate : a comparison of one- and two- stage surgery by dental arch measurements, cephalometry, and speech analysis. Uppsala universitet

Gylbert, Leif. 1989. The augmented breast: methods for evaluation, late results and effect of preoperative antibiotics. Karolinska institutet

Kjartansson, Jens. 1988. Peripheral sensory neurons and viability of skin flaps. Karolinska institutet

Arnander, Claes. 1988. Surfaces with end-point attached heparin: a study on the thromboresistant properties with special reference to possible application on vascular prostheses. Karolinska institutet

Ragnarsson, Rafn. 1988. Mechanical microvascular anastomosis: experimental and clinical evaluation of the UNILINK system. Linköpings universitet

Hedén, Per. 1988. Monitoring techniques and animal models as guides for free flap surgery. Karolinska institutet

Olander, Karin. 1988. Foreign melanin precursors for the detection of melanotic melanoma. Uppsala universitet

Blomqvist, Lennart. 1987. Staphylococcus aureus α-toxin: biochemical characterization, membrane interaction and in vivo distribution. Karolinska institutet

Malm, Mats. 1987. Port wine stain: laser treatments and evaluation of results. Karolinska institutet

Svensson, Henry. 1986. Laser doppler flowmetry: methodological and clinical studies. Lunds universitet

Hermanson, Agnes. 1986. Sensibility and reinnervation after skin injuries: a clinical and experimental study. Karolinska institutet

Samuelson, Ulf. 1985. Studies on smooth muscle control in the human fallopian tube. Karolinska institutet

Elander, Anna. 1985. Metabolic adaptation in skeletal muscle in response to reduced blood flow: a clinical and experimental study. Göteborgs universitet

Asplund, Olle. 1984. Breast reconstruction after modified radical or simple mastectomy. Karolinska institutet

Nettelblad, Hans. 1984. Microvascular growth-plate transplantation: an experimental study. Linköpings universitet

Blomgren, Ingemar. 1984. Local cooling of minor burns: experimental studies in the hairy mouse. Göteborgs universitet

Wieslander, Jan B. 1983. Microarterial anastomoses: experimental studies on blood volume flow, luminal area, platelet accumulation and repair processes. Lunds universitet

Vedung, Sigfrid. 1983. Transplantation of striated muscle with special reference to facial paralysis. Uppsala universitet

Larsson, Ola. 1983. Early bone grafting in complete cleft lip and palate cases following maxillofacial orthopedics. Karolinska institutet

Niechajev, Igor. 1982. Diagnosis and treatment of vascular tumours: with special reference to the upper extremity. Göteborgs universitet

Beausang-Linder, Marianne. 1981. Autonomic nervous influence on cerebral and ocular blood flow. Uppsala universitet

Berggren, Anders. 1981. Factors influencing survival of free composite bone grafts revascularized by microvascular anastomoses: an experimental study. Linköpings universitet

Lidman, Disa. 1981. The histopathology of blood vessels after microvascular surgery. Linköpings universitet

Bartholdsson, Lennart. 1981. Cancer of the vulva: surgical results and pelvic lymphatic spread Göteborgs universitet

Jurell, Göran. 1981. Adrenergic nerves and skin flap survival. Karolinska institutet

Avellan, Lars. 1980. Hypospadi: studier av frekvens, etiologiska faktorer, morfologi samt behandlingsresultat i ett kliniskt material. Göteborgs universitet

Fogdestam, Ingemar. 1980. Delayed primary closure: an experimental study on the healing of skin incisions. Göteborgs universitet

Lilja, Jan. 1980. Innervation of the dentin. Göteborgs universitet

Lauritzen, Claes. 1979. The microvascular sleeve anastomosis. Göteborgs universitet

Eldh, Jan. 1979. Ileovesical diversion: an experimental study of the effect on the urinary tract. Göteborgs universitet

Åberg, Magnus. 1978. On effect of dextran on lysability and structure of ex vivo thrombi, platelet function and factor VIII. Lunds universitet

Malec, Elisabeth. 1978. Malignant melanoma of the skin in Sweden: epidemiological and clinic-histopathological study. Karolinska institutet

Pettersson, Lars-Ola. 1978. Local percutaneous anaesthesia of intact skin: a clinical and experimental investigation. Karolinska institutet

Svedman, Pål. 1977. Cardiac output distribution in animals measured with radioactive dextran microspheres. Lunds universitet

Glaumann, Barbro. 1977. Effects of ischemia on the proximal tubule of the rat kidney: a light and electron microscopy study. Karolinska institutet

Nordström, Hans. 1977. Vätskeskift vid enkel mekanisk tunntarmsobstruktion: experimentella studier på råtta. Karolinska institutet

Uddströmer, Lars. 1977. Periosteal activity in new bone formation and growth of suture-bone grafts: a qualitative and quantitative study in growing rabbits. Uppsala universitet

Ohlsén, Lennart, 1976. Cartilage regeneration from perichondrium: experimental studies in rabbits and dogs. Uppsala universitet

Wallenberg, Lars. 1975. Natriuretic and hemodynamic responses to cold: a clinical study. Karolinska institutet

Östrup, Leif T. 1975. The free, living, bone graft: an experimental study. Linköpings universitet

Hakelius, Lars. 1974. Free autogenous transplantation of striated muscle: an experimental and clinical study. Uppsala universitet

Skoog, Valdemar. 1973. Lymphocyte activation: studies on interaction with mitogens. Uppsala universitet

Holmström, Hans. 1973. Influence of repair processes on the development of bipedicle tube flaps: an experiemental study in the rabbit. Göteborgs universitet

Jonsson, Carl-Evert. 1972. Prostaglandins in burn injury: experimental and clinical studies. Uppsala universitet

Eriksson, Göran. 1972. Studies in regeneration and autotransplantation of epidermis in man: Light and electron microscopic observations on stripped epidermis, split-skin autografts, second degree burns, and Lyell’s syndrome. Karolinska institutet

Eriksson, Elof. 1972. Microcirculation in skeletal muscle in cat. Göteborgs universitet

Engdahl, Erik. 1972. Bone regeneration in maxillary defects: an experimental investigation on the significance of the periosteum and various media (blood, surgicel, bone marrow and bone grafts) on bone formation and maxillary growth. Uppsala universitet

Palmer, Björn. 1971. Blood flow and adrenergic innervation of cutaneous tissue: a xenon clearance and histochemical study in the rat. Karolinska institutet

Henriksson, Tor-Göran. 1971. Cleft lip and palate in Sweden: a genetic and clinical investigation. Uppsala universitet

Jacobsson, Sten. 1967. Studies of the blood circulation in lymphedematous limbs. Lunds universitet

Ugland, Ole M. 1967. Electrical burns: a clinical and experimental study with special reference to peripheral nerve injury. Uppsala universitet

Strömbeck, JO. 1964. Macromastia in women and its surgical treatment. Karolinska institutet

Velander, Erik. 1964. Vascular changes in tubed pedicles: an animal experimental study. Karolinska institutet

Bäckdahl, Magnus. 1963. The caput ulnae syndrome in rheumatoid arthritis. Karolinska institutet

Stenberg, Thorsten. 1962. Leverfunktionen vid brännskada: en experimentell undersökning med radioaktivt rose bengal på kanin. Lunds universitet

Isaksson, Ivar. 1962. Studies on congenital genuine blepharoptosis. Göteborgs universitet

Nylén, Bengt. 1961. Cleft palate and speech: a surgical study including observations on velopharyngeal closure during connected speech, using synchronized cineradiography and sound spectrography. Uppsala universitet

Arturson, Gösta. 1961. Pathophysiological aspects of the burn syndrome: with special reference to liver injury and alterations of capillary permeability. Uppsala universitet

Pontén, Bengt. 1960. Grafted skin: observations on innervation and other qualities. Uppsala universitet

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Körlof, Bengt. 1956. Infection of burns. Uppsala universitet

Stenström, Sten. 1956. ”Tumbler flaps”: a clinical study together with an experimental investigation of the circulation in plane and tubed flaps. Karolinska institutet

Johanson, Bengt. 1953. Reconstruction of the male urethra in strictures: Application of the buried intact epithelium technic. Karolinska institutet

Hogeman, Karl-Erik. 1951. Surgical-orthopaedic correction of mandibular protrusion: a follow-up study of 170 patients treated with osteotomy of the mandibular ramus. Karolinska institutet

Skog, Tord. 1948. Dupuytren’s contraction with special reference to aetiology and improved surgical treatment: Its occurrence in epileptics. Uppsala universitet

Ragnell, Allan. 1946. Operative correction of hypertrophy and ptosis of the female breast: A clinical investigation of 300 cases with examination of a new method, Karolinska institutet

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