European Association for Palliative Care

EAPC är en europeisk ”non-govenmental organisation recognized by the Council of Europe” som arbetar för pallaitiv vård. SFPM är medlem i EAPC.

Mission statement:

The EAPC brings together many voices to forge a vision of excellence in palliative care that meets the needs of patients and their families. It strives to develop and promote palliative care in Europe through information, education and research using multi-professional collaboration, while engaging with stakeholders at all levels.

EAPC blogg

EAPC har startat en blogg som innehåller många spännande inlägg om palliativ vård.

Information från hemsidan:

The EAPC brings together many voices to forge a vision of excellence in palliative care that meets the needs of patients and their families. It strives to develop and promote palliative care in Europe through information, education and research using multi-professional collaboration, while engaging with stakeholders at all levels.

In February 2012, the EAPC launched a blog as part of its social media activities programme to provide a platform for different views and personal perspectives on palliative and hospice care in Europe and beyond ­ – from moving stories to improved care. The blog is aimed at EAPC individual and collective members, and anyone involved, or interested, in palliative and hospice care worldwide.

International Palliative Care Resource Center (IPCRC)

IPCRC har en hemsida som innehåller mycket information om palliativa frågor och bra länkar. IPCRC drivs av the Institute for Palliative Medicine at San Diego Hospice tillsammans med många partners. Så här beskriver de själva:, the International Palliative Care Resource Center is dedicated to:

  • Making palliative care resources accessible for health care professionals
  • Building palliative care capacity worldwide
  • Providing a dynamic and constantly expanding website

European Palliative Care Reseach Centre (PRC)

The European Palliative Care Research Centre (PRC) was officially launched in October  2009. The PRC will improve palliative care through research, teaching and implementation of research findings in an international setting.

The PRC emphasises research within the area of symptom control that includes assessment and classification as well as understanding of the basic underlying mechanisms of common symptoms and signs. Large scale studies with a prospective design will be prioritised.

The scope of the PRC will encompass clinical, translational and basic research and the studies will be conducted in close collaboration with, and as an integrated part of, the EAPC Research Network (EAPC RN).

The PRC is based at NTNU’s Faculty of Medicine and at Trondheim University Hospital, and was established with recommendations and support from the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC). The Norwegian Cancer Society has awarded a major grant of 15 Million NOK (1.8 Million Euro) to establish the PRC. The centre will coordinate groups and individual researchers across Europe along with researchers in North America and Australia. The PRC is based upon an open invitation for all active researchers in palliative care to participate. For more information about the centre, please visit the PRC official webpage.

Liverpool Care Pathway – diskussion

I Storbritannien har kritik framförts kring användningen av Liverool Care Pathway (LCP). En statlig utredning (Review of Liverpool Care Pathway for dying patients) har i sin rapport som offentliggjordes 15 juli 2013 riktat mycket kritik mot LCP. Detta resulterar i att LCP inte längre kommer användas i brittisk sjukvård. Rapporten i sin helhet finns här.

  • Kommenterande artiklar finns i British Medical Journal på internet, ex: Chinthapalli K. The birth and death of the Liverpool care pathway. BMJ. 2013 Jul 24 ;347:f4669. doi: 10.1136/bmj.f4669.
  • Sleeman KE, Collis E.The Liverpool care pathway: a cautionary tale. BMJ. 2013 Jul 31 ;347:f4779. doi: 10.1136/bmj.f4779.

Hawkes N. Liverpool care pathway is scrapped after review finds it was not well used. BMJ. 2013 Jul 16;347:f4568. doi: 10.1136/bmj.f4568.

Dansk selskab for palliativ medicin

Läs mer om vår danska systerförening.

Norsk forening for palliativ medisin

Läs mer om vår norska systerförening.

Palliative drugs

På denna sida finns information om läkemedel som används inom palliativ vård samt möjlighet att diskutera detta i diskussionsforum.

Från hemsidan framgår: Ltd. was founded in 2000 by Robert Twycross and Andrew Wilcock in order to promote and disseminate information about the use of drugs in palliative care, through the website and book versions of the Palliative Care Formulary.

In addition to providing drug information we are keen to develop a sense of community for members of the website. We welcome comments about how easy the website is to use, any information about the drugs featured or suggestions for other drugs to be included. A bulletin board is provided on the website in order to stimulate questions and debate, and for you to share your experiences with other colleagues. We continually highlight particular areas of interest relating to the use of drugs in palliative care and undertake in-house surveys about aspects of clinical practice.

We are committed to providing high quality information as well as keeping as much as possible of the website a free-access resource. You can financially support the work of by buying our books from the bookshop, e.g. Palliative Care Formulary, Hospice and Palliative Care Formulary USA, Palliative Care Formulary Canadian edition and Symptom Management in Advanced Cancer, by subscribing to the on-line version, and by completing market research surveys when invited to do so from time to time.

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